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Life is a journey.

Health is the way you want to live it...


Meet Health Coach Leticia

Hello, my name is Leticia Omaña.

I am married and I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter.

I love exercising, traveling and getting to know the culture and customs of each place, having energy all day to be able to enjoy every moment that life gives us. Live to the maximum of well-being!!

Living and enjoying every second of this wonderful journey in health, we will realize that the most important thing is to know ourselves to achieve our balance, that balance that leads us to a full and happy life. That is why I invite you to work together on this incredible journey, based on your bio individuality, we will find a route that will help us take the direction to achieve your goals permanently and achieve a balance in different areas of your life such as health, food, emotions, sports, relationships, work, money, personal development and much more.

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and I am certified in the Detox Your Life program and Gut Health Course.


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