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I'm Leticia Omaña.

Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach.

Be Healthy,
Be Happy.

Improve Your Health,

Improve Your Life.

Become the healthy version of yourself.

Join my 6 month program that will allow you to live a life to the fullest of your psycho-physical form.


Based on your bio individuality, we will find the balance that will help you eat healthy and accomplish your ideal lifestyle, achieving lasting changes.



Being healthy does not only mean the food we put on our plate, it is the water we drink, the air we breathe, the love in our lives, exercise, if we have a job that fills us, our spirituality. There is no one diet / lifestyle that works for everyone, together we will explore what works best for you, creating a personalized and unique way of eating and lifestyle for your tastes and needs.

Naturally Simple.

Health is a journey, a path not a destination, with small steps every day and enjoying the process we will achieve great results.


“Thanks to Leticia's program, I feel more energetic than ever. My skin feels smoother and my digestion has improved a lot.”

MIA, roma


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